Printing Projects

Current Pro­­jects

An overview of our printing projects

12,000 Cebuano Whole Bibles

Working with Pastor Mike Veach 
Estimated total cost: $31,000

25,000 Spanish Bibles for South America #4

This shipment will make 100,000 Spanish Bibles total sent to South America
Total Cost: $71,000
*To learn more about this project, please visit the Bibles For South America website.

400,000 John & Romans for Zimbabwe, Africa

Working with Language: Shona 
Estimated total cost: $60,000

The estimated prices are based on previous projects, and are for raw materials and shipping only. They do not include the cost of the day by day operation of the print shop.

Note: Any funds left over from a completed project will be used either toward the next project, or where it is needed most.