As for God, His Way Is Perfect

In Joshua Thompson’s excellent book entitled As for God, His Way Is Perfect, he has given to us a keen insight into prison life. He has laid bare his heart in revealing his personal frustrations, emotional confrontations, and spiritual experiences in surviving day-by-day prison life. Demonstrating his faith in God, Joshua has shown how one can serve God even under the most difficult circumstances. On every page we see the “iron strand” in Joshua as he prays, preaches, and portrays the excellence of the Christian faith. The character instilled in him by his late father, Dr. Hank Thompson, is evident throughout. Pastors, missionaries, and lay Christians alike will profit greatly by reading this remarkable book written by a young man of great faith, fortitude, and wisdom. I recommend it without reservation to all who wish to see how God “works in mysterious ways His wonders  to perform.”

                                                                                            ~Dr. Raymond Barber
As for God, His Way is Perfect (Dios, Perfecto es su Camino)
by Joshua Thompson
Available in English and Spanish(Paperbacks. PDFs coming soon).

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