Bible Truth Volume 5 — Tongues

"In the pages of this book I plan to provide a Scriptural basis for my contention that speaking in other tongues was at one time a legitimate gift of the Spirit, but has long since ceased. I will also contend that the pretended practice of this gift today is false and in doing this will provide the only possible sources for it. As you get into this book you will notice that I have raised several questions and answered them from the Scriptures. I have tried to include questions that I believe many people would like answers to and trust I have not left out many relevant ones.

I realize many good books and booklets have been published on this subject and I assume mine will not necessarily be any better. it is certainly not an inclination that they are inferior. However, in my experience I  have noticed that they are not readily available to most Christians. Because of this I decided that I should proceed with the burden of my heart and make this book available at least in the churches I minister in. " – Dr. Gerald Fielder

Bible Truth Volume 5 — Tongues
by Dr. Gerald Fielder
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