Special Meetings

Conferences, revivals, jubilees and more are happening around the world.

Victory Baptist Press is a local church ministry, we stand for the King James Version of the Bible, and for the old-fashioned style of worship service. The purpose of this special meeting list is to promote and encourage churches and ministries of like faith and practice. If you are a like minded ministry, we offer to post your special meeting information on our website and to include it in our emails. If you would like to have a meeting posted, simply email your information to news@victorybaptistpress.com. (Please make sure you include all the necessary information. You can see examples below of what is needed. A copy of a flyer will not be accepted, due to the amount of time it takes to transcribe.) Meetings listed on this page do not have an automatic endorsement by Victory Baptist Press. We also recommend that you verify the dates of special meetings before driving a long distance. Sometimes dates change without notice.

You are on our prayer list!

It is our desire that your special meetings be successful. Our VBP staff meets for devotions at 9 a.m. Monday–Friday, we read a portion of Scripture and pray for any special needs. If your meeting is listed on this page, we will pray for the success of the meeting on the days it will take place.

Deland, Florida

April 16–17, 2021

Bible Baptist Church, 872 Glenwood Rd
Bible Baptist Youth Rally
Guest Speakers: Brother Joel Haynes
Host Pastor James Knox
Ph: 386.507.9331
Web: biblebaptistyouthrally.com

Fort Walton Beach, Florida

April 20, 2021

Westwood Baptist Church, 401 Hollywood Blvd. NW
Independent Baptist Fellowship of Northwest Florida / South Alabama
Continental breakfast 9:00 A.M.
Services begin at 10:00 A.M.
Lunch following the service.
Host Pastor Greg Hill
Phone: 850.826.5673

Great Falls, Montana

April 23–25, 2021

Heritage Baptist Church, 900 52nd St. North
38th Annual Missions Conference
Guest Speaker: Missionary Charlie Vest
Starts Friday night at 6:00 with an international supper.
Host Pastors: Dr. S.C. Schearer & Pastor Richard Komondor
Email: mtparson2810@gmail.com

Muncie, Indiana

April 28–30, May 2

Liberty Baptist Church, 9601 South Cowan Road
Missions Conference
Service Times: 7:00 p.m. EST and 11:00 a.m. Sunday
Speaker: Dr. Scott Caudill
To watch visit: lbcmuncie.org

Warrior, Alabama

April 28–May 2, 2021

White Oak Independent Baptist Church, 251 White Oak Trail
6th Annual Stoking the Fire Campmeeting
Service Times: Wednesday–Saturday 6:30 p.m.
Thursday–Saturday 10:00 a.m.
Sunday 9:45 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.
Host Pastor Andrew McAfee
Ph: 205.243.8873
Web: whiteoakibc.com

Lexington, North Carolina

April 29-30, 2021

Walter’s Grove Baptist Church, 2620 Cid Road
Guest Speaker: Pastor Tim Fellure
Host Pastor: Chris Simpson
Ph: 336.859.4892

Mentor, Ohio

May 2–5, 2021

Victory Baptist Church, 8911 Lakeshore Blvd
Missions Conference
Guest Speaker: Evangelist Randy Starr
Host Pastor Phil Hilditch
Ph: 440.257.0007
Web: victorybaptistmentor.net

Hopkinsville, Kentucky

May 2-7, 2021

Greater Cumberland Baptist Church, 3822 Lafayette Rd.
Guest Speaker: Pastor Tim Fellure
Host Pastor Paul Edes
Ph: 270.890.6040

Dover Foxcroft, Maine

May 16-19, 2021

New Life Baptist Church, 2385 Dexter Road
Spring Revival
Guest Speaker: Pastor Bob Nogalski
Host Pastor Craig Cobb
Service Times: Sunday 10:30 a.m. & 1:30 p.m.
Monday-Wednesday 6:30 pm
Phone: 207.343.1864

Lafayette, Indiana

May 16–19, 2021

Light House Baptist Church, 1730 E 430 S
Hope Biblical Living Conference
Guest Speaker: Dr. Terry Coomer
Host Pastor: Bill Murdock
Ph: 765.491.3162
Web: lbcministries.org
Email: wmur11202@frontier.com

McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania

May 23–25, 2021

Bible Baptist Church, 301 Boyscout Rd
Family Camp
Guest Speaker: Evangelist Randy Starr
Host Pastors: T. H. Moore
Ph: 219.916.8377
Email: biblebaptistchurchfc@gmail.com

Manchester, Kentucky

May 24–28, 2021

Grace Baptist Tabernacle, 1636 Brushy Branch Road
Guest Speaker: Evangelist Darrell Hayes
Service Times: 7:00 p. m. nightly
Host Pastor: James Stevens
Ph: 606.598.7652
Email: brojcstevens@juno.com

Conestoga, Pennsylvania

June 3–5, 2021

Promise Land Camp, 954 Lincoln Way West
Family Conference
Guest Speaker: Evangelist Randy Starr
Host Pastor: James Leslie
Ph: 302.734.2410
Web: cbcofdover.com

Email: terribornagain@verizon.net

Parkesburg, Pennsylvania

May 30–June 4, 2021

Old Paths Baptist Church, 4207 West Lincoln Highway
Guest Speakers: Bro. Jason Kendrick & Bro. Phil Dunn
Service Times: 7:00 p. m. nightly
Special Music: Kendrick Family, Andy & Rachel Leftwich, and Friday evening, the Thren Family.
Host Pastor: Michael Keenan
Ph: 484.288.9943
Email: pastormtk@yahoo.com

Great Falls, Montana

June 6–9, 2021

Triumph Baptist Church, 500 2nd Ave. SW
Hope Biblical Living Conference
Guest Speaker: Dr. Terry Coomer
Host Pastor: Arthur Hernandez
Ph: 406.799.6779
Web: triumphbaptistchurch.org

Email: ajhernandez777@hotmail.com

Ocean Springs, Mississippi

July 4–7, 2021

Grace Independent Baptist Church, 3707 Bienville Blvd.
Family Conference
Guest Speaker: Evangelist Randy Starr
Host Pastor Paul Perkins
Ph: 228.875.2093
Web: graceibc.org
Email: pastorgibc@gmail.com

Ontario, Canada

July 18–19, 2021

Beacon Baptist Church, 109 Chaffey St, Welland, ON L3B 2Y6
Hope Biblical Living Conference
Guest Speaker: Dr. Terry Coomer
Host Pastor: Adam Rich
Ph: 905.733.8635
Email: arich84@hotmail.com

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

July 23–25, 2021

Western Baptist Church, 4324 19th Ave. N.W.
Hope Biblical Living Conference
Guest Speaker: Dr. Terry Coomer
Host Pastor: Michael Martin
Ph: 403.971.2107
Email: martinerin@shaw.ca

Elgin, Illinois

September 20–23, 2021

Northwest Bible Baptist Church, 9N889 Nesler Road
Old Paths Church Growth & Preaching Conference
Host Pastor Dr. Keith Gomez
Ph: 386.507.9331
Web: nwbbc.com/oldpaths

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

November 21–23, 2021

Friendship Baptist Church, 608 6th Avenue south
Thanksgiving Revival
Guest Speaker: Evangelist Tim Green
Host Pastor Matt Gordon
Ph: 843.448.9867

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