Bible Truth on Calvinism

"My observation has taught me that the vast majority of the books dealing with Calvinism are written to promote it rather than refute it. I would like this book to be considered as one that would expose in a practical way the false teachings of John Calvin. in dealing with this subject, I plan to use the word of God as it is without modifying scripture in order to make my point. This has not been the practice of those promoting Calvinism. My philosophy has always been, if you must modify Scripture to build a doctrine that doctrine cannot have a solid scriptural foundation and should be considered false.
This book is not an extensive treatment of Calvinism, but it is intentionally short and to the point. Because most people today are very busy and have very little time to devote to extra reading I have tried to make this a one sitting read. I trust it will embolden you the reader against this unscriptural teaching, which falls into the category of doctrines of devils."    – Dr. Gerald Fielder

Bible Truth on Calvinism
by Dr. Gerald Fielder
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