The Shape of the Earth

"Recently I was given a book by a young fellow promoting the flat earth theory. Surprisingly, there are saved folks who have let their fascination with this theory distract them from the real truth of the Bible and the Gospel message, so I decided to address their arguments."

God the Creator is the One by Whom all things consist. The flat-earthers' obsession with their theory is a distraction from what really matters at best and leads to cultish tendencies at worst. Major on what God has revealed and stop researching what God has not revealed. The secret thing belongs to Him; but there are things that belong to us. Things like: Bible reading, Soul-winning, Prayer, Faithful Church Attendance, Consecration, Giving, Serving. Devote your life to serving God on this earth instead of chiding with everyone over the shape of the earth.

Brother Corle is not interested in defending a position on the shape of the earth, but rather the statements of the King James Bible concerning the earth. The statements made in this manuscript are base on Biblical truth rather than science and philosophy. There are no other versions of the Bible quoted in order to justify his position. Everything is based on statements directly from the King James Bible.

The Shape of the Earth
by Dennis Corle
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