Alcohol, Friend or Foe?

A book dealing with the subject of using alcohol as a beverage could not be more–timely, with many professing Christians being so confused on this topic or perhaps willingly ignorant. It is most likely a little of both. There are so many professing saints using alcohol as a beverage. There is no surprise for a lost individual to have this type of behavior. It is somewhat expected from one who knows not Christ and is ignorant of the scriptures on this topic. However, for a child of God to be unlearned on this topic simply should not be. If you are saved and you want an honest, clear biblical view on using alcohol as a beverage, this book is for you. Perhaps there are some passages regarding alcohol that are hard for you to understand; Dr. Jones addresses those troubled texts. Perhaps you have heard people proclaim that we are in the New Testament church age, and age of grace, and the drinking of alcohol is acceptable in this day, and you honestly did not know how to respond. Dr. Jones covers this as well. You can read the book carefully as Dr. Jones effectively shows from the scriptures that it is good and right to abstain from alcohol as a beverage. Believe the word of God and obey the word of God.

Alcohol, Friend or Foe?
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