Bible Truth for Young Men

"In preparation for this book I am confining myself mainly to the book of Proverbs and what Solomon had to say to his own young son. In reading the book of Proverbs it is easy to see that Solomon had his son in mind when he spoke many wise things. In these 31 chapters, several subjects come to the surface relative to his own son, which can also pertain to any young man. Because of this, it appears that this book is directed more to young man than any other person or group. ( Proverbs 1:4)
Even though Solomon made some serious mistakes and lost his credibility as far as influence is concerned, he was nevertheless according to the Scriptures the wisest man who ever lived. (I Kings 3:12) This was God's opinion, and I must agree with him. Because of this he was qualified to give good advice not only to his own son, but to every son across the earth and across the ages.
I would encourage every young man to take all Solomon said seriously, and at face value and put it into practice." – Dr. Gerald Fielder

Bible Truth for Young Men
by Dr. Gerald Fielder
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