Grace and Truth– 10 count

A Scriptural Response to an Unbalanced Philosophy of Christianity

This 10 count package of "Grace and Truth" would be a great addition to your church bookstore.
A false Christian religion is nothing more than the works of men. An overcorrection of that misunderstanding is to say that Christianity is only about grace. To be in either ditch is to do a disservice to the claims of the Bible upon the lives of those who have been truly born again. Christianity is about Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is about Grace and Truth. They must remain together. Christianity is not the philosophy of Do to Live, but it is the reality of Live then Do. To totally divorce the Do that should come after the Live is just as perverse as divorcing Christ the Life from Christ the Righteous.

Grace and Truth– 10 Count
by Brent Logan
Available as saddle–stitched

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