Great Expectations

Pip is an orphan living in southeast England with his foul-tempered sister, Mrs. Joe, and her gentle husband, Joe Gargery, the village blacksmith. Pip is invited to start visiting wealthy Miss Havisham and her snobby adopted daughter, Estella, at Satis House where He grows infatuated with Estella.
Pip is apprenticed to Joe and grows increasingly despondent at his low status, seeking to elevate himself through independent study. Pip is appalled and devastated to realize Estella can't possibly be betrothed to him. When he confronts Miss Havisham, she admits she led Pip on regarding Estella simply to make her selfish relatives jealous, and that Estella will be married to Bentley Drummle. When heartbroken Pip professes his love for her, Miss Havisham realizes her error in depriving Estella of a heart. She pleads for Pip's forgiveness, which Pip readily grants. Pip goes abroad with a friend to be a merchant. When he returns eleven years later, and runs into Estella on the razed site of Satis House. Suffering has made Estella grow a heart and she and Pip walk off together, never to part again.

Great Expectations
by Charles Dickens
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