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The Church That Jesus Promised to Build Versus Old Landmarkism

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  • Did J.R. Graves—the founder of Old Landmarkism—teach that the church will bring in the kingdom?
  • What about fermented wine and everybody drinking out of the same cup in a communion service?
  • Who makes up the body of Christ?
  • Is water baptism essential for being a part of the church of the firstborn?
  • Is there a Holy Ghost baptism in this age?
  • Are Baptists the only ones authorized to preach the gospel?
  • How important is the local church?


These and many more questions find very clear and Scriptural answers in this book.

The Church That Jesus Promised to Build Versus Old Landmarkism
By Jim Fellure
Available as a Paperback, Downloadable PDF, and Kindle eBook.

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