The Kikori Years

"When we went to Kikori, we did not know much about the history of the area. we certainly did not know that missionary James Chalmers was cannibalized on Goaribari Island at the mouth of the Kikori River...In 1994, the Lord called us to Kikori to preach the Gospel to this same tribe. We lived among some of the direct tribal descendants of those cannibals. These are the descendants today whose grandfathers still tell stories of the cannibal feasts. We went to Kikori to tell them that the final sacrifice for all mankind has been made on Calvary's cross. From the seeds of Chalmers' martyrdom would grow the Kikori Baptist Church to the glory of God."

For those who have read the Mullins' first autobiographical account of their years in Papua New Guinea, or those who are new to the Mullins' story alike, this book is a interesting, encouraging, and thrilling account of all Ted & Lyn encountered during their service in Kikori. Let yet another testimony of the goodness and power of God encourage and challenge you in your service to Him!

The Kikori Years
by Ted and Lyn Mullins
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