As many of you know, for nearly thirty-five years Victory Baptist Press has been sending the gospel of Christ in it’s purest form, the written word of God, around the world at absolutely no cost to those who receive it.

Currently we have three projects on the table:

  1. Another container of nine thousand Bibles plus materials donated by another ministry, filling a twenty-foot container for missionary Don Rich in Cajamarca, Peru.
  2. Three thousand Spanish Bibles for Pastor Brent Logan for a crusade in Guadalajara, Mexico.
  3. A full container of Cebuano Bibles for a national pastor and a missionary in the Philippine Islands.

Here’s how it works:

We can put complete Bibles on the mission field for approximately $3 each; however, that can only be accomplished by shipping large quantities at a time.

For example: To send a single Bible, or even several Bibles, to any one place in South America (or practically any country) would cost about $6 per Bible just for the shipping. We always purchase paper by the eighteen-wheeler load (enough paper to print 25,000 whole Bibles). If all the Bibles were shipped in small quantities at $6 per Bible, the shipping alone would cost about $150,000. When VBP advertises our cost at $3 per Bible, that includes all the materials and the shipping when the shipping is a container with all the Bibles going to one reputable person for distribution. One example is the Bibles For South America projects. In 2012 we sent the first shipment of Bibles to missionary Don Rich in Cajamarca, Peru. Since that time we have shipped three more containers, for a total of 100,000 whole Spanish Bibles. These Bibles have been very discerningly distributed to national pastors or missionaries in all of the nine Spanish speaking countries in SA, and at this time Bro. Rich is completely out of Bibles. VBP has another nine thousand printed; they are being collated, bound, and prepared for shipping just after the first of the year.

The three thousand Bibles for Pastor Brent Logan and the crusade in Guadalajara have also been printed and are being prepared for shipping within the next few weeks.

We are also working toward a container full of Bibles for the Island of Cebu in the Philippines.

Here is the breakdown:

Each project begins with the purchase of the most expensive item, a truckload of paper, for approximately $35,000. Once the paper is delivered to us, the printing begins. While the Bible pages are being printed, we raise the additional funds (approximately $40,000) for the cover stock, binding, packing materials, and shipping cost. Once the Bibles are printed and shipped and the container reaches its destination, clears customs, and is delivered to the missionary, all the expenses are paid in full at no cost to the missionary, and VBP is ready to start the next project.

While the next shipment for SA is being prepared, we are waiting for enough funds for the paper for the Cebu project. As of today (11-6-2019), we have $13,343 available for Cebu (only about $22,000 short of enough funds for the truckload of paper).

We currently have $16,990.04 available for the next BFSA project (only about $18,000 short of another truckload of paper).

Note: These prices may change within a day’s time. As our supporters send donations, the money accumulates, and sooner or later the funds are translated into the printed word of God and shipped to some mission field around the world.

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