The following note from Brother Rich was dated September 1, 2019:
On August 4th, the container from Victory Baptist Press arrived from the US with over 25,000 Bibles and 2000 John & Romans booklets. Many from our church and another local church helped unload over 1800 cases into the newly constructed distribution center.  What a blessing it is to have this new facility right here in our own back yard!  We have been busy personally delivering many, shipping a large quantity out on bus lines, and coordinating shipments to other South American countries. Just recently we sent Bibles into Bolivia. Fourteen hundred Bibles were sent to Chile to be distributed there and into Argentina. Within days of sending this letter, I will be heading out with visitors Ken Benge and Worth Johnson to deliver 151 cases of Bibles to Iquitos, the jungle capital of Peru. After placing them on a river barge, we will be flying to Iquitos to meet with several pastors who are awaiting the arrival of the Bibles for their ministries.
Last week we loaded a total of 401 cases (5614 Bibles) in one day! These were going to locations all across Peru to many different churches. Within the next week we will have distributed over half of the 25,000 Bibles in record time. The fastest that all the Bibles have gone out in the past was four and a half ‘months’. This time they are moving so quickly that we will reach and pass the halfway point in just four and a half WEEKS!  Knowing that we are planning the Bible conference for next May, Victory Baptist Press is already planning on sending us more Bibles, along with two other ministries who plan to send us other evangelistic materials next year.  Have I ever mentioned that we are praying for help?
May God bless each of you who pray for us,
Don & Carla Rich
NOTE: The day after receiving this note another email came from Brother Rich saying,
“I am beyond words at how God continues to bless. I was just answering a few emails for a total of 72 more cases that will be sent out.”
GO HERE to view a nine minute video made more than three years ago. Since then VBP has shipped two more containers of Bibles and the ministry continues to grow.

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