Bible Promises For Bible Believers

"Over the years I have noticed several editions of this type of book and have personally profited from reading them. However, for some time it has been the desire of my heart to produce my own version, not only for my benefit, but for the benefit of those to whom I minister in churches across the United States and Canada.
It has long been my contention that the Word of God has the answer for every question man could ever face in his entire tenure on earth. Commentary is often helpful, but just being able to read the passages from the Bible that directly relate to the question or burden that we are facing at a given time can be extremely encouraging.
This book has been designed for this purpose. Many of the Scripture passages will be pulled from my own reservoir of memorized verses. Verses that have provided direction and encouragement for me as well as many people i have ministered to over the past 52 years."   – Dr. Gerald Fielder

Bible Promises For Bible Believers
by Dr. Gerald Fielder
Available as a Paperback

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