Bible Truth Volume 3 — Backsliding and Chastening

"It would be wonderful if everyone who names the name of Christ would live a victorious Christian life and never backslide or need to be chastened. Reality, however, teaches us that such is not the case. Because many Christians do backslide, and in many cases neglect to get it right, chastening enters the picture. The Word of God makes it clear that as an earthy father chastens his disobedient son, our Father in Heaven also chastens His disobedient sons. It is true that when a Christian recognizes his condition, repents, and claims God's promise of forgiveness, no chastening follows. However, if he does not correct his way, our Father in Heaven has no choice but to bring about this correction through chastening.

Because the above subjects are so closely connected, it is necessary to include both in this book. Every Christian needs to live cognizant of the sobering truth that backsliding, when not corrected, is followed be chastening." – Dr. Gerald Fielder

Bible Truth Volume 3 — Backsliding and Chastening
by Dr. Gerald Fielder
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