Bible Truth Volume 4 — Submission and Rebellion

" Surely there are not two subjects that need to be discussed in these days more than the contrasting ones of submission and rebellion.

It seams that anything that expresses rebellion it the in thing in today's world. It appears that our entire society have removed from its vocabulary the word submission and has replaced it with the word rebellion.

In this book I have tried as thoroughly as possible to discus both the above subjects. I have tried to emphasize why they are so vitally important to our personal well-being as well as to the very survival of our society and nation as we know it. It must be said that freedom cannot co-exist with open rebellion. When the citizens of a nation cease to be in submission to the God ordained authorities that He has placed in their lives, then restraints (laws) must be passed to keep them in check. Surely we are aware of the fact that every time a new law must be passed some of our freedom is taken away. A great American statesman of yesteryear said; "Men that will not govern themselves from within must be governed from without." – Dr. Gerald Fielder

Bible Truth Volume 4 — Submission and Rebellion
by Dr. Gerald Fielder
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