God’s Plan for World Missions

Why another book on missions? There are already so many- and great ones too. For years, the author has researched, studied and contemplated the purpose and design of missions as found in Scripture and how it is being practiced today. Though he has witnessed both American-style missions and missions as practiced by nationals, he does not have an axe to grind with anyone. Each Bible-believing missionary stands before God and must answer to Him for how and why he does missionary work. Rather, this is a book of ideas geared to encourage and motivate those who are interested in reaching the peoples of this world for Christ. One of the most unusual features of this book is the Appendix which highlights over 250 Bible verses from the Old and New Testaments demonstrating how God has reached out to man in every time period of history, in every country and every culture.

God's Plan for World Missions
By Thomas J. Knickerbocker
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