With the great door of opportunity open in South America, our plans are to keep an ongoing supply of Spanish Bibles going to missionary Don Rich for distribution. On Tuesday of this week Bro. Berg used the last roll of paper in the print shop to complete the short run of 12,000 whole Spanish Bibles. There is still a couple of months work to be done in printing the covers, collating, binding, and packing them for shipment. Three thousand will go to Guadalajara, Mexico, and the other nine thousand will go to South America.

Once these Bibles are shipped, we will be ready to start another run of Spanish Bibles, or of Cebuano Bibles for two missionaries in Cebu, Philippines. Which project we do first will depend on the finances available. As of this date, we have $9,671.04 designated for South America, leaving a need of $25,329 for the truck-load of paper to begin the project, and $8,970 for the Cebuano Bibles, leaving a need of $26,030 for the paper for that project.

All gifts to VBP to help finance these projects are tax deductible.

This note just came from Bro. Don Rich, our missionary in Peru.

“Good morning,

“I have received a few emails from different pastors who have received Bibles from our ministry. I wanted to share this sample with you so that you can be blessed also. If it weren’t for your ministry, we wouldn’t be able to distribute the Word in the way that God has allowed us to.

“Here is the email in Spanish:

“Apreciado hermano Rich, con profunda gratitud a Dios en primer lugar, a usted y a todos los que han hecho posible tremendas bendiciones en biblias a diferentes congregaciones. La Iglesia expresa su gratitud y reconocimiento por su labor. Estamos orando al Señor para que siga bendiciendo su ministerio.


“Dear Brother Rich, with deep gratitude to God in the first place, to you and to all who have made tremendous blessings in Bibles possible to different congregations. The Church expresses its gratitude and recognition for your work. We are praying that the Lord continue blessing your ministry.”

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