Bible Truth on Nehemiah

"The man Nehemiah was a contemporary of Ezra, and most Bible scholars familiar with Old Testament history contend that the separate books that bear their names were at one time one book. It is a fact that Nehemiah's name does appear in the Book of Ezra, and Ezra's name does appear in the Book of Nehemiah. Some historians contend that these two books were initially named after Ezra, being called the First Book of Ezra and the Second Book of Ezra.
The Book of Nehemiah is one of the most inspiring succus stories in the entire Old Testament. It takes place in the fifth century before Christ and contains all the elements of excitement, intrigue, drama, and suspense. that you would expect from a story such as this. it is the account of the rebuilding of the walls around the city of Jerusalem that were broken down 142 earlier by Nebuchadnezzar.
in the chapters of this book, I include nine factors that were responsible for the incredible succuss of this project. Factors, that should they be employed, today would ensure success in the eternal work of God."    – Dr. Gerald Fielder

Bible Truth on Nehemiah
by Dr. Gerald Fielder
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